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Welcome to our Trading and Technical Analysis services. Here, you’ll find several programs and courses that go from the most basic needs of a novice trader to the most advanced timing and analytical tools that professional traders and analysts rely on.

One of the features that makes TOP’s educational approach to trading so unique, is precisely that we don’t just give you tricks, indicators and set ups; we teach you real technical analysis from the very start, so you too can become a professional trader if you chose to do so.

Our indicators and educational programs are all designed by Prof. Aldo Lagrutta – who aside from being an exceptional market timer and certified financial professional, is also an experienced educator who has taught a variety of subjects to hundreds of people in several languages and countries across high level institutions and universities.

So you get REAL education and REAL strategies in all of our trading programs, as opposed to the many dubious internet offers from clever marketers who have found a way into the Financial Industry with outrageous promises.

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