more about… Trading in the Cloud

This revolutionary course teaches you the correct interpretation and practical use of one of the easiest, and at the same time, utterly misunderstood indicators available: “The Ichimoku Cloud”.
Prof. Lagrutta takes you by the hand in 8 short and easy to follow videos that show you from the very start of how “Ichimoku Sanjin” - the creator of the Clouds - started to add Moving Averages to determine the main trend in a very unconventional way, yet, extremely effective.
 “Ichimoku Sanjin” was the pseudonym of Goichi Hosoda - a Japanese journalist who in the 1940’s began to effectively analyze share prices.
The video lessons cover, in the most simplified way possible, how the so called Cloud Charts are constructed. And Prof. Lagrutta also shows the avid student of every level, how to interpret the charts using examples of applications in real market conditions.
Most importantly, in his usual simplistic way, stripped of all jargon and difficult terminology, Prof. Lagrutta teaches you how to transform a very effective analytical tool into a complete trading methodology. 
In fact, more than half the course is entirely devoted to show you - with the use of 40 charts of different instruments and time frames - how to trade with the Cloud.
The trading methodology that you learn in “Trading In The Cloud” ranges from position trades using weekly Cloud Charts, to easy scalping strategies based on very short term charts down to a 1 minute time frame.
“Trading In The Cloud” is a MUST for every trader and analyst who wants to have a tool that easily allows one to identify the trend, and who wants to trade “with the wind on his/her back” taking positions in the direction of the main trend.
Whether you’re a long term investor or a short term day trader, you’ll find “Trading In The Cloud” highly transformative  and extremely valuable at the time of taking trading decisions.
Walk into any dealing room today and you’ll see that the most common charts being used are the Ichimoku Clouds. This course is the most comprehensive and ultimate guide to the use of these tool in an effective and easy way that traders of ALL levels can follow.
We dare to say, you will find Prof. Lagrutta’s approach to Ichimoku Clouds an eye opener and a ground breaking, leading edge trading system.