Private traders often have to deal with technologies that either had insufficient functionality or proved to be of little or no use in the trading routines of retailers.

In terms of both usability and functionality, the software is designed to serve both institutional and private traders as a powerful yet easy-to-use tool.

Whether you’re just starting out or are already an experienced trader, you all face similar challenges and difficulties: You have to navigate volatile markets, be in the wake of institutional traders and fund managers, or even be in your own head trying to trick you.

Besides everything what you anyway expect from a trading platform AT++’s 6 “must-have” tools provide you with powerful features that will keep you steadfast and in control of your trading.


Real-time power scanner:

  • Stop searching for the needle in the haystack

  • Scan thousands of symbols in real time for the signals you are looking for

Drag&Drop ConditionBuilder:

  • Build your own signals and conditions – without any programming knowledge, simply by Drag&Drop! – Even with Drag&Drop you are close to source coding.

  • Combine your signals out of data series, indicators, static values, etc.

  • Create very complex ones via AgenaScript/C# – Visual Studio


Click&Select SetupBuilder:

With the SetupEscort, you can:

  • Define complete setups based on your trading strategy

  • Activate them with the unique AT++ Semi automated trading engine.

From a signal to a trade with just a few mouse clicks.

Integrated Risk and money management:

  • Define your personal set of risk rules and stick to them

  • Diversify and get into a workflow trading

  • Keep your risk under control at every trade



  • Backtest a strategy for a single symbol or for an instrument list (portfolio)

  • Developed in collaboration with the University of Aachen (Institute for Mathematics),

AgenaTrader Notifier

Install the Android or IOS – Notifier App on your mobile and let you inform about Signals, Alerts, Trades and Executions.

No need to sit in front of your computer all the time by being afraid to miss ‘the’ trade of your life. Don’t miss any trade trade anymore – it’s a free tool.

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OrderStreams, DOM, Volume-Trading, etc:

  • Should be anyway in the standard equipment of any trading platform

  • We just mention them for completeness.

  • VolumeTrading with Orderstream-Bars:

    VolumeTrading with Orderstream-Bars:

    DOM and QuickTrader (ChartDOM)