Here you’ll find 30 lessons containing the most comprehensive training for the mind and brain that can be found in the entire trading industry. Each day, Kristin will take you on an amazing journey that will help you to understand, develop and implement the essential requirements that allow you to become a successful trader, together with the most detailed and profound exercises on mindfulness, meditation, breathing and self awareness as they apply to trading. 
The lessons are ALL: 
practical, short, detailed and proven to help optimize the functionality of your brain.
Important topics that are hardly ever considered as key elements in trading success are thoroughly addressed with short and practical exercises to improve them. Hence you’ll find lessons on how to increase your confidence, how to grow your self-esteem, how to transform your trading obstacles, and even what to include in your trading plan.
All this in only a few minutes a day!
It seems extraordinary that you can sit down for a few minutes every day for the next 30 days, and because of it create a true shift in your trading career and financial destiny.
We would not dare to make this claim had we not had stories upon stories of traders who have applied, during private consulting sessions, the evidence based principles explained in these 30 lessons and turned their losses into winnings. 
With this program, we’re certain that the number of new successful traders will only accelerate.
The program is easy to use: Just set aside 5 to 15 minutes to listen to an audio track each day. 
If you want to improve your mood, lower stress, reduce anxiety and increase your trading profitability in 30 days or less using only a few minutes per day, this course is a must for you!
Your brain will thank you for it!